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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • At what age can we send our puppy to attend Dog Obedience Training ?
    Once your puppies attain the age of 3 months and has finish all the three vaccinations, you can send your puppies to attend our Dog Obedience Training, Puppy Class.
  • What is the benefit of training puppies from the very young age of three months ?
    In Dog Obedience Training we basically training the puppies for Good Behavior so that your puppies will learn all the good behavior as they grow. Training your puppies at much later stage mean that your puppies may pick up a lot of bad behavior before they are being trained. More effort will be need later to correct these bad behavior.
  • Is your training course open to Public ?
    Yes, it is open to all that own dogs.
  • What are the training courses that you offer ?
    We offer Dog Obedience, Agility, Fly Ball, Clicker, Tricks and Dog Protection Training. View more information here >>
  • Can I bring my mixed breed dog to attend the Dog Obedience Training ?
  • How many Trainee are there is a class ?
    In most cases, there will be only 7 trainee to one trainer.
  • I am going to join your training class, what are the thing that I need to bring along to the class ?
    Please read our Ground Rules
  • If I miss one class, will the class be replaced for me ?
    For Group Training, there will not be any class replacement for trainee who miss any classes. Since there will be constant revision of various exercise from time to time, you will most likely picked up what you missed at later classes.
  • Do I need to be a Puppycom Premium Member to join the Dog Training Courses ?
  • Which are the Days that you hold your training classes ?
    Currently, we only offer training classes on Sunday and more details as below :-
    • Taman Desa from 8:00am till 12.00 Noon and from 4:00pm till 7:00pm
    • Ampang from 8:30am till 11;30am
  • I am interested to send my dog to join your Dog Agility Training. Do I need to join the dog obedience training before enroll my dog for Agility Training ?
    Not necessary. If your dog has not been trained for dog obedience, you will then need to join the Agility Foundation Training before training your dog to clear obstacles and running the agility circuit.
  • Do you offer House Breaking Training or "Toilet Training" for Dogs ?
    Our Trainers for Puppy and Basic Obedience Class will be able to guide you various ways that you can use to train your dog pee and poo at places that you want.
  • Do you offer CGC Canine Good Citizen Program ?
    Yes. CGC is part of the training that we include Free for Puppy Class and Basic Dog Obedience Training.
  • Do I need go to through any test at the end of the training course ?
    Yes, there will be a Graduation Test at the end of each Training Course and only those who pass the test will be issue a Graduation Certificate. For dog  that joined the Puppy Class and Basic Dog Obedience, there will also be a CGC test at the end of the training course. CGC Medal will be presented to your dog during the Graduation Ceremony if your dog pass the CGC Test.
  • Does my dog need to be microchipped before joining the Dog Obedience Training Course ?
    Not necessary.
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