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Dog Import and Airport Clearance
If you are importing a new dog from a foreign country or you are coming home from abroad with your dogs or you are coming to stay in  Malaysia and need help with the Import Permit , Airport Clearance and Quarantine arrangement, we have such service to help from right from the very first step of import permit application follow by the clearance of your dogs at airport upon arrival and sending the dog to the Quarantine station if necessary. We even help you to arrange for the dog food to be given to your dog during the quarantine period. Upon the end of the quarantine, we will send the dog to you right to your door step in KL or any other cities in Malaysia.

Our rate for Application of Import Permit, collect the dog on arrival, presentation of health documents to DVS, custom clearance, quarantine, collection of dog upon completion of quarantine are as below :-

For Dogs that come from USA , Europe, China, Australia, Most Asian Country that require 1 week or 10 days Quarantine :-


For dogs that come from UK, Brunei and other countries that do no need Quarantine :-


With the above link, you will be able to determine the actual rate base on the dog size, days of arrival and others. You can sign up for the service using the same link and make payment using credit card.

If you need to talk to us, you can do so via the following means :-

  • Call us at +603.89449965 or +60193256289
  • WhatsApp us at +60193256289
  • Email us at info@puppycom.my 


Call us at 019-3256289 or 016-2210007 or 603.89449965 or 603.89449365 or email us at info@puppycom.my  for more information.

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