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Start training your puppy early from 3 months of age

In Malaysia, many dog owners were given the wrong information to start training their puppies late. Many of them delay it until their puppies is 9 months of one year of age and start to realize that training them is difficult.

In Puppycom Dog Training School, we always advice dog owners to start training their dogs when they are 3 months of older. The benefits and advantages of doing so is actually quite obvious. Some of the benefits are :-

  • Training the puppies early mean that dog owner will promote good behaviour from early age and do away with the bad behaviour. Dog that are trained at later age mean that they have learnt quite a bit of bad habit and more time are needed to correct these bad habits.

  • Young puppies, due to their small size are much more  manageable when compared to adult dog. A good example is puppies of working dogs such as Rottweiler and German Shepherd which can be very powerful when they are 10 months of age or older. When the puppies are younger, you will find that even young children are able to handle them. A untrained  full size Rottweiler or German Shepherd can be even very difficult for adult male to handle.

  • Training the puppy early mean that you get to develop the drive of the puppy from early age and this lay a good foundation for more training at later stage.

  • For dog owners who join group training also get to socialize their puppies with other dogs in their class and this help greatly in their temperament.

The class that are designed for young puppies are our Smart Dog / Puppy Training Course which we are offering in our Ampang, Puncak Jalil and Scott Garden Center.

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